Twister WI01 for Sram AXS and Remote for Smartphone

Down-click Twister on left or right hand side shifts to smaller or larger gear. Up-click Twister left or right hand side operates the smartphone (Android/iOS). Up to 6 functions can be set as: volume, change music track, take a photo or video start/stop. The Twisters have a range up to 15m and are therefore well suited for group photos with unusual angles. The Twister operates Sram AXS derailleur and Sram AXS dropper post.



The fastest way of shifting - Personal Cockpit Design

The Twisters are built on the patent Magnetic Click Twister Technology developed by Zirbel Bike, which is based on small magnets and proximity switches. This makes it possible to realize lightweight, compact and versatile Twisters with excellent haptic. The Twister ring is made in 3D printing process. The 3D printing alllows to create individual shapes easily and the Twister ring can be shaped to ergonomic requirements. Shifting with phalanx of thumb, thumb tip or index finger, thanks to the unique Twister everything is possible!


The perfect cockpit - tidy and intuitive

The Twisters with their own design can be optimally positioned on Wisent handlebar. The Di2 battery can be mounted with the Fix Clip system inside the handlebar and all wires run internally inside the cockpit. The Wisent handlebar is the base for further developments. The perfect choice!