Smart Cockpits by Zirbel

The shifters are based on the Magnetic Field Switch technology developed and patented by Zirbel Bike, which is based on small magnets and proximity switches. This makes it possible to build lightweight, compact and versatile shifters with excellent haptics. With the BLE-capable cockpits, various electronic components can be controlled. For specific applications, please enquire.



Shifters for all applications

New ZShift 01 - One shifter for rear derailleur AXS / Transmission and Reverb dropper post AXS. The ZShift has three switch positions. The ring actuates the rear derailleur AXS / Transmission and the button actuates the Reverb AXS dropper post. The ZShift weighs only 36g. We do also have insane Ready to Fly Smart Cockpits with ZShift and Twisters. We build cockpits according to your wishes.

Custom Designs

The rings are made using the 3D printing process. 3D printing allows to create individual designs. The rings can be changed quickly and easily.