Technical Specification

MTB Twister WE03 for Sram AXS / Transmission - Wire Guiding Right

Twister WE03
Switching unit for Sram AXS / Transmission. The Twister can be mounted on all MTB handlebars. Twister WE03 rotates on a ball bearing and is narrower than the Twister WE01.
The Twister WE03 has an elongated "nose" for the thumb.
Magnet Ring: Aluminium CNC machined / matt black anodized; Twister Ring: Composite
The Twister WE03 is plugged into the BlipBox AXS. The BlipBox AXS sends the radio signal to the rear derailleur and / or Reverb AXS dropper post.
Wire length / Wire guiding
Wires can be 30cm, 45cm, 65cm, 100cm or 130cm long. Please note the wire length on the order. The wires go away from the shifter to the right. See “ Twister / ZShift wire guiding right or left? “ in the Info section under Support.
The ring of Twister WE03 can be exchanged with Ring E02, Ring E04 and Ring E06 to get the Twister models WE02, WE04 and WE06. The rings can be easily changed. See the video in the Info section under Support.
The BlipBox AXS is not included in the scope of delivery.

CHF125.00 (excl. VAT)