Technical Specification

Smart Twister Set / Pre-order -20%

Material Aluminium AL6061-T6, CNC milling, Black anodised, Handlebar clamp diameter 22.2 mm
Smart Twister
Magnetring with slots for zip tie: Material Aluminium AL6061-T6, CNC milling, Black anodised - Twister Ring: 3D Printing, ASA or PETG Polymer
Zip tie
In order to mount the Smart Twister via magnetring
Smart Twister and phone (Android/iOS) can be paired via BLE. Functions: Take photos, start/stop videos, change loudness, play/pause music, skip track. Distance for operation up to 15m.
Twister Ring Color Standard
Transparent Orange
Twister Ring Special Colors
Black, Iron Grey, Red, Dark Blue, transparent Yellow, transparent Red, transparent Blue and transparent Bottle Green. Please note special color on the order form.
You can 3D print Twister Rings yourself. We are pleased to provide stl file.
November 2019

CHF76.80 (excl. VAT)

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